Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake


A young adult, Sei, gets involved in a transit accident due to his mistake with a rich woman. While recovering in the Hospital he is visited by his girlfriend Ai who takes care of all his needs including sexual release. But being in a bed next to a delinquent isn't a good spot to have intercourse, and to even worsen things the attending nurse is Sei's ex, and she wants to have some fun with him, and the best way is to allow the delinquent to entertain Ai while she rapes Sei. Then once he gets released from care, Sei finds that he is now indebted to the rich woman who will sue him unless he complies to her mature woman needs, not knowing that Ai and her little sister will also pay part of that price.

Tipo: Hentai
Estado: Finalizada
Visitas: 22.729
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